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With about 6,000 tweets being sent out per second and 500 million posted per day, the average person could not even imagine trying to parse out all this data. Unless that average person is reading this article: then you might venture to try. Now we won’t be checking every tweet, but rather tweets of a bespoke nature. We can extract tweets that mention a specific keyword or phrase and with that information measure how the ‘twitter-verse’ feels about said topic or phrase.

This tutorial will be very noob-friendly, in fact, it won’t require any prior coding experience to run and…

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The rapid spread of the Coronavirus and the ensuing lockdown, caused a dramatic drop in consumer mobility and economic activity however, most industries saw their prices return to pre-pandemic levels within a few short months. How did this international catastrophe that is actively disrupting all of our personal lives NOT cause an economic disruption of equal magnitude?

You might argue that it did cause such an economic disruption and I’d agree with you… if you had been exclusively talking about the Crude Oil & Gasoline Industry (see Figure 1 below). Otherwise, markets recovered remarkably quickly. The COVID-19 outbreak has taught…

If you’ve ever had the urge to algorithmically calculate the general publics opinion on social justice, Coronavirus or Joe Rogan or if you’ve ever wanted to build an app that tells you when to buy and sell a stock based on the general public’s opinion of it, this article might just be what you’re looking for.

I’ll be showing you how to download up to thousands of tweets in a few minutes using Python 3.8, then how to quickly analyze these tweets with VADER sentiment analysis tool. Using this data we can build a simple trading algorithm to tell us…

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You don’t have to be an experienced developer to use Machine Learning (ML) algorithms in your code. In fact, it’s almost comical how low the entry point is to implement your very own ML algorithm. If you’re like me, you might get a feeling of incompleteness after finishing a small ML project, like: “Okay, what now?”, “What do these numbers mean?”, “How did each feature in my dataset influence the results?”, “How do I visualize this?”.

As it turns out there’s a handy Python package called SHAP that can answer many of these questions for you.

Introducing SHAP

From their documentation, SHAP

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On 22 August 1939, Hitler spoke to his Wehrmacht officers on the impending invasion of Poland. He expounded their explicit objective was not to defeat the enemy and expand their territory but to exterminate the Polish people entirely. He capped his speech with this reference to the Ottoman’s genocide of the Armenians, at the time 24 years past:

Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?

One week later, Hitler and the Nazi German army would invade Poland and begin to commit the worst atrocities the world had ever seen.

Why does this matter today?

Tomorrow, April 24th is Armenian Genocide Remembrance…

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My cousin called me yesterday for advice on how to get into cryptocurrency (specifically Ethereum) mining. I could tell he was excited but didn’t really know where to start. With the recent surge in price, tons of people have started to look at crypto mining as an appealing avenue for generating passive income. I’ve had some experience mining on a hobbyist scale and am well acquainted with the benefits and drawbacks of crypto mining as an investment vehicle. Here is the spiel I gave him and now give to you:

It’s An Investment; Don’t Overthink It

Purchasing, building, and operating a cryptocurrency mining computer is an…

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With so many Natural Language Processing (NLP) libraries, it can be difficult to choose one or be confident that your selection fits your purposes best. This article aims to take a look specifically at the sentiment analysis tools of the most popular NLP libraries to provide a practical guide in choosing the right tool for your next sentiment analysis project with Python.

By the end of this article, you’ll have the answers to the following questions:

What’s the best sentiment analysis tool for social media? What library should I use for multi-lingual sentiment analysis? …

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A couple of years ago, I naïvely asked a couple of computer science friends how long they thought it would take for me to learn how to become a programmer? “You know if I, like, really studied hard every day.”

Their response: “Probably, like a month. You just have to write and read a lot of code, and you’ll eventually get it.”

Honestly, they were kind of right. I dove right in. It took me about a month of studying to understand programming fundamentals: functions, methods, libraries, syntax, recursion, etc.

But this understanding was illusory. …


I got into an argument yesterday with a co-worker — the argument, you guessed it, is the ‘value’ of Bitcoin. He argues that Bitcoin isn’t backed by anything; he argues that there’s “nothing behind it” because it’s not tied to anything per se, and Its price can never be justified pragmatically.

This is an open letter to anyone in his camp — anyone who believes that a digital currency doesn’t have intrinsic value.

Enter: The Network Effect

… the phenomenon by which the value or utility a user derives from a good or service depends on the number of users of compatible products.


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Every time Bitcoin goes on one of its, now infamous, bull-runs, online communities, bloggers, and media outlets across the world frantically publish stories to cache in on the hype or to give their 2 cents on the digital currency. These discussions are marked by the same few critiques, predictions, and stories — so much so that each of them, have sort of become a meme in the community. We’re going to go through the 5 kinds of people you’ll hear from next time Bitcoin goes on a bull run.

1. “The Bubble Boys” (or girls)

This is probably the most common trope we see in the…

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